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Make we no lie oooooo. This guy is a hunk, no wonder the daddy of 2 swept Lola off her feet. The growing family, that is Peter, Lola & their 2 kids are presently in ATL, having some good family times and resting before Peter & Paul would be up and about again, doing what they know best to do; singing, dancing and generally making hits.

Peter a few days ago showed he could have survived without music and as a mode. If music hadn’t make him a star, with the series of snapshots he took, wearing his all black everything, he would have given the best models a run for their dollars!!!

Check out the very buff guy showing his style & posing swag!!!!!



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  • the amount of travels they take ehn…anyway madam will be housewife by now as the money is plenty

  • Hope lola stop seen her sugar daddies,cos dangote is not d only uncle she's sein oooo, his name jst rings louder than others ni. Her close friends too gist a lot about her continious visit to dem Uncle n daddies. Lola's ways ar not strange to peter,dats why he wants to persuade her to stay in america. Peter peleee oooo.

    • Hmmmm, u try..welldone ehn..daleru daleru…may the heavens curse u if ths allegations u laid against ds handsome mans beautiful wife isn't true! U are the worse specie of human.. Wow…

  • U people will never leave dis woman alone.She's happy & u are in sorrow.Peter & lola will just laugh over ur supid comment.Stay there being in sorrow while they enjoy round d world.FOOL

  • n that's why all off u thirsty ho's are still single. keep talking shit about people as they say karma is only a bitch to bitches… ho's gonna become dehydrated cos they spend time talking shit. then you turn to God and wonder why he doesn't answer your prayers. bloody thirsty ass bitches. Anyone who keeps talking shit about people can only talk shit confidently if they are a part of whatever shit they are talking about so all you aristo and sugar daddy lovers must have been jamming with Lola at those places. Thirsty ho's, quit talking about her, NO ONE cares its not going to change shit!
    Lola and Peter are married aristos, sugar daddies and all!!! bloody deal with it, the aristos and sugar daddies love her so much they all turned up for the wedding and newsflash, if Peter was going to leave Lola cos of all of your made up stories, he would have done it already, he married her in spite of your best efforts give it up!! All you thirsty ho's and side chicks need to sort your shit out. maybe if you took the envy out of your hearts, God would bless you with a good life… damnnn i cannot stand some women! why the heck do they hate to see a woman do good and yet they wonder why their lives stay shit. Fools lola is all loved up and the more you put her down the more peter loves her. All of them talking shit, im sure if peter had tried to chat them up when he had nothing they would have given him what for unlike Lola, yes she was so into that life as they keep trying to make us believe but she dated Peter when he had nothing… now he is something all you thirsty ho's be hating he is now a god to you clearly shows you are all about money cos if he was a no body' y'all would have flipped the script and called her a loser, probably said she was a cougar paying him to stay with her cos he is good in bed. keep up with this and you will never find love like she has cos God does not like ugly and if you are married trust me your ugly will be revealed and your husbands will leave you. bloody morons. Be happy for people, especially when they have stayed true to love and conquered all in the end rather than hate just because they have found happiness and your life is shit. if you want to come out of the hell you live in change. and for the record, i do not know Lola or Peter, i just cannot stand Ugly