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Oyin Adenuga needs no introduction whatsoever, she’s the very well mannered and elusive daughter of the chairman of Globacom, who is most probably the 2nd richest Nigerian in the whole Universe, some even says he is most probably Africa’s 2nd richest person.

The eligible bachelorette is as gorgeous and as self effacing as they come. We recently caught sight of the beautiful one at an occasion looking all sweet and elegant in a beautiful blue well  tailored outfit showing a little glimpse of hmmmmm …..cleavage, by one of Nigeria’s brightest designing gem in the person of Banke Olopade. Her beautiful make up was done by BMPro’s Banke Meshida-Lawal.

Ain’t she just super sweet looking!!!!


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  • I wonder too, once a woman's father has money you bloggers will exaggerate her beauty. She has a round face, short neck. She isn't ugly though but please be real.

  • lol…is she the one an ex employee wrote an SOS letter on how they run the work place like abacha…

  • post pictures of yourselves now and let's see how 'fine' you are
    Msheww hiding behind anonymity posting trash out of envy
    Oyin Adenuga omo ge you fine oo,i beg live your life girl,keep 'killing' the haters
    Aloba more pictures of her please,thank u
    Awon online bullies with nothing positive to add to sanyone's life

    • Call it whatever you like. What looks good to you might not be to someone else as Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Stop forcing your opinion on other people.

  • @ anon. 11.30am. First and foremost you are an hypocrite. First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your someone's eyes. Last time I checked, your comments was anonymous. Why don't you reveal your own identity before telling someone else's to . You are so full of it and you are nothing but a coward hypocrite bully. Get a life and stop fighting other people's battles. Fighting other people's battles leads to failure. #Mindyourownbusiness.