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No one and we are so sure everyone agrees, would dispute the fact that Toyin Saraki is one of the constant and most consistent style icons in Nigeria. We have never seen her carry a foot wrong, ever simple, elegant, on point and very distinguished looking. Background and upbringing surely does add so much to one.

The style icon and unrepentant philanthropist, who is the founder and president of ‘The Wellbeing Foundation Africa’ was in London recently to attend the ‘Portrait of Africa Event for Charity. The gorgeous wife of the former Governor of Kwara State was one of the distinguished guests that was invited to the event.

Another of the distinguished guests was Sir Bob Geldof, a popular musician, sometime actor, political activist and founder of Band Aid, a charity organisation helping to fight against poverty in Africa. Also there were Kate Woods-Marketing Director of the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation (OOF) & Anne Welsh-Vice Chairperson of the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation.

They were at Bonhams, a privately owned British auction house, in fact one of the oldest and largest auctioneers of fine arts and antiques to view some artworks and raise funds for charity through auction.

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  • Yes indeed ,there is beauty in simplicity.But, then ,Toyin is a well bred and educated woman unlike the gaggle of shower/Nollywood types who parade the stages of Lagos nowadays.You, know their type,they post instagram of their cars,bags etc. They are probably the first ones in their family to get on a plane!!

    • There are many well bred and educated women who don't do simplicity. My dear Nk is one of them. It's a personal thing. Putting Nollywood (as a point of comparison) next to Mrs Saraki is an insult.

  • Even though i have my reservations about the two families,they (ojora kids)look like they were well brought up by their parents.

  • @Fan
    Yes, you are quite right.It is like comparing housegirls and madam of the house.But then these are the people we seem to be regaled with all over Lagos.
    Pray tell, who is NK, surely not that lady called Nkiru, a veritable fashion victim.A theatrical "maquillage" on two legs.

  • Same Nkiru, she's educated and she's well bred. I mean her Adimora background. Yes, you can compare Nkiru and Toyin. Not Toyin and Nollywood. Similar backgrounds but one is simple and one is garish.

    If you are looking for people who we are "regaled" with all over Lagos, why not people like Mo, Ruth and Nike?

  • Damn @ defactor, you're a big hater. Get a life hun. You dont have to lurk on their instagram page you know, if you know it would make you feel bitter. They have every right to post whatever they want……non of your business. Its called choice. Quit hating, its not the best for you!!!

    • At Anonymous 3.57pm. I hope you are not the same coward anonymous bully fighting other peoples Fight. Please don't force your opinions on other people. Everyone has their own opinion and you just have to respect that. Agree or disagree not everyone will like you in life. It is inevitable. You can't win them all. So please stop being a coward bully.#getalife.

    • At 3.57pm Pls stop being an hypocrite and follow your own advise. You said (1) "they have every right to post whatever they want …. .none of your business " The commentators have every right to say whatever they want or leave whatever comments they want as that is their choices and is None of your business and ithat is called Choice too So back off and stop being a bully yourself. Practice what you preach. Who
      Made you their spokesperson? Next please!

  • That Nkiru has an 'Adimora' background doesn't translate to being classy or wellbred in my book o. Some rich/wealthy people na money miss road. Emeka Ojukwu is an good example of class and good breeding.

  • @9.36am
    I absolutely loathe that American word 'hater''…speaks volume about the user..I do not have an instagram account. I am quite libertarian about people's choices in life.

    • @defactor. Same here. I loathe the word. "Hater" more than anything. Same I told that coward hypocrite anonymous calling commentators that name . Like I said, everyone has their own people and not everyone will like you or say something positive about you in
      Life. Can't stand ignorant people

    • At Defacto. Wow! You took the word out of my mouth. That anonymous that uses that "hater" word has strike a chord with me. She is nothing but an hypocrite bully. Reveal yourself too.

    • @defacto You meant to respond to anonymous 3.57pm. She is becoming a nuisance using that word "hater" anytime someone voiced their opinion. Must we all be on the same page? We all have differences of opinion and must respect other people opinions.

      Just because you idolize them doesn't make them s

    • At defacto. I support your comment very strongly. Not only do I despise the word hater but I'm a Libertarian too Pls ignore that bully that needs to get a life.

  • Hard to compare, Nk is statuesque and her loud style suits her, Toyin is super slim and her simplicity suits her. Really a matter of body and taste, I can't imagine them in each other's style.

  • @Anon.3.57 pm. Stop name calling/ harassing people. Everyone has his own opinion. Celebrities or anyone in a public position are subject to comments/opinions that are not always complimentary. It is unfair but hey I guess it comes with the territory. As a Public Figure certain amount of both public and media intrusion is expected and they were to be prepared for the criticism. Stop bullying commentators and focus your energy on your own life .#FightYourOwnBattle

  • Hohoho, i hit a cord right?…..good. Quit hating. Its not an opinion when its given with so much hate under tones darling.Have a lovely weekend!!!!!

    • @3.19pm. First , the only cord I see that was hitted was yours. Who are you and when did you become a mind reader? Honestly something is wrong with you and you really need a deliverance before you totally lose your sanity . Is only a crazy person that fights a battle that is epidemic. My advise for you is to quit being a bully and FYI your comments doesn't mean a thing here

    • @3.19pm. You are really delusional. How many people can you stop? Hmmm !! Is obvious that you are not only delusional but also ignorant. Since you have nothing substantial to focus your energy on, you might as well go ahead and use it for nonsenses.

  • Yes i agree that word hater is used unnecessarily by unenlightened people..allow people to have their opinion ..not everyone will like you or be a fan it doesn't mean they envy u…and @ defacto don't bother with these kinds of people not worth it trust me

    • @ anon 6.07 pm. Totally agree with your comment I told @defacto to ignore that stupid anonymous calling everyone an hater just becsuse they have an opinion. #sheisignorant.