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In the aftermath of the deaths and injuries caused by the collapse of the 6 storey building at the Synagogue Church of all Nations, the church head in the person of Prophet T B Joshua who is still smarting from the occasion of the sad loss of lives said to have now reached 40 plus, while more than 130 people said to have been trapped in the collapsed building were rescued, has now alleged foul play.

According to the report, the prophet is of the opinion that the dastardly terrible Boko Haram terrorist group, might have had a hand in the terrible accident. According to the report, the prophet is said to have told his congregation that the attack was aimed at him not the people. He is said to have gone on to encourage the congregation not to fear.

He premised his belief on the old confession by an alleged Boko Haram member who had revealed, how he had attempted to plant a bomb inside the church building sometime ago.

The reason for the terrible act and some other acts like the Ebola scare he is said to have addressed those who were listening, is so that his congregations can be scared away.  That the reason his church is been targeted is because of the spiritual blessings God has bestowed on the church. A big head wears a large hat.

He now went on further to assure his people that God would soon bring the perpetrators of the evil act to book, that the decision of the group to focus on his church might be the beginning of their end and their activities in Nigeria.

Just one question that one would have loved to ask the great prophet would have been- ”Sir, as a seer of great repute, who God reveals many upcoming events to long before they occur, how come you didn’t have any inkling or foreknowledge that something so terrible was about to happen in your domain? Especially so as to have avoided the terrible loss of innocent lives!!!


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