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She’s a fashionista to the core and her dad is super duper rich. But she’s as naughty as they come, willing to go to any length to satisfy her kinks at all times!!! That’s depending on which of her kinks at anytime catches her fancy. She does both sides of the coin and by that we mean, she also loves the like-for-like game. Her boyfriend long ago, a Yoruba dude once caught her & her friend munching each other’s carpets.

One of her favourite form of enjoyment is getting her carpet munched and she has confessed to that; and afterwards she proceeds to getting very well drilled, beauty of it all is that she can give as she can receive. Legend even has it that at one point when she was still rebellious, she was an enfant terrible, who at some point even took part in orgies that led to…………….. She has since become a very good and highly responsible girl, even impressing with some of her business manoeuvrings, but underground she’s still a minx!!!The best form of relaxation for her is to get truly and well drilled!!!!!!

Not too long ago to satisfy some of her cravings, she paid someone to get her 2 ladies who were to perform a ”no holds barred, all things go game” with each other, while she and whoever was with her were to be willing spectators.

She was once involved with………

Can you all guess who the minx is???????????


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