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Celebrated man about town, the one and only socialite known and addressed as Ahmed Uwhubetine, owner of the now defunct 1145 is back in town and as usual and as expected of him, being the happy go lucky fellow unparalleled, he sauntered into SIP lounge last night, Friday, April 15, 2017 to much hailing and back-slapping just to relax with a few friends.

The dude who is much loved by many of his pals, had been away for quite a while, especially after that accusation that came up sometime ago. Though that accusation was vigorously denied by many of his friends, the fun loving dude still made sure to keep a very low profile for a long time, making many to speculate unnecessarily.

Now that he has come back and has appeared for many to see, maybe the good times has begun to roll in again and he has begun to “ball” in the high powered way as usual all over again, because like they always say about Ahmed, there’s never a dull moment when this artistic man is in the mix. He knows how to have fun and have it real good.

We heard Sujimoto and a few friends were around too.

Welcome back bro.

You have been sorely missed! 


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