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The last obviously has not been heard in the case of assault and battery (domestic violence) instituted by the gorgeous famous actress against her husband, Lanre Gentry.

Though the actress has kept mum and has not spoken officially since the scandal hit the airwaves, her actions though has been telling. While she claims that her husband over the years had consistently used her to practice his boxing and beating skills! Lanre on his part, who has been singing like a mixture of canary and nightingale since the scandal broke, has denied ever beating his wife, not to talk of pummeling her ceaselessly. He went on to claim that he loves his wife so much.

To show how serious the matter is to Mercy and not willing to.back down, she’s bent on making sure the whole matter reach its absolute conclusion. She has now gotten a “restraining order” against her beleaguered husband. As it is now, Lanre Gentry has been restrained from going within a mile radius of his estranged wife and 2 kids. That’s like winning round one for the actress and thus also giving credence somewhat to her claim of domestic violence.

How would Lanre Gentry, get himself out of this mess now? ………….We wait as things unfold. 


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