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What in the world is wrong or crazily wrong with O……. whose legendary”shooting ability” is very well known by most already, as he can’t seem to be stable in a relationship? He is an avowed master shooter of note, who doesn’t necessarily care about precision as long as he shoots. He is more a rapid fire shooter than a precision shooter like a sniper. Legend has it that the picture of his AK 47 shooting gun, renamed by us as OW 45 “NAKASHINOV” is on everyone’s phone already!😯 shocking!!!

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Legend also has it that he is ever in need of that “medicine between the legs of women” as he is somewhat insatiable. Imagine that a while ago, after he and is then babe had enjoyed a grueling session, that babe then too we heard was on fire and was a “marathon runner in the game of bedmatics” (not that she was into sports/running ooooo), after they had supposedly worn each other out and babe was fagged out, only for her to catch her man doing a hand job frantically on himself…..😳😦…This particular lady was so hooked on him that she threatened to commit suicide many times over during their active days together and even actually tried killing herself once, by cutting her wrist! But thank God he found her and quickly helped her. That was actually the major reason he ran 440 without looking back then, when the opportunity came then.

His legend continues, first he dumped his madam (wife) of many years without looking or turning back, to elope with the Hispanic Ma….Ma via whom he now has a baby and who he started living with, in the aftermath of the irreconcilable differences with his wife and mother of kid, now we hear that the same “cain used for beating/treating the first wife, might now have been used to train the 2nd one too now”🌶,……… Now we hear that rapid fire dude, might have DUMPED the ass of MM too now to go back to his vomit, another lady by name Rashida 😳…….. is this dude just in love with plain playing the field or just having fun, by eating his cake and still having it???

Truth from what we learnt is that, Rashida has always been there all along including even the other lady that also dropped a boy for him in the ancient city of B….., through his marriage and all, he had always had her as his main sidechick amongst several others, especially then when the money was flowing “brukuku” mimicking Davido in “IF”. At that time then, when the income was unprecedented and was flowing and coming in, in torrents from selling champagne and other drinks at 5 times the actual cost. But times have since changed now though, not like it used to be again.

So who in the world is the World famous “Rashida”? and what’s her “stronghold” on our dude?

That’s the salacious story for part 2. That would soon be served hot and sizzling!!!!! 


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