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Like you read above, she’s super gorgeous and those highly expressive eyes gets her noticed everywhere. But that’s not all she is about, hers is gorgeousness with a punch, for she’s loaded upstairs too, good combo? Totally totally, very very on point.

Like we also said above, she’s a media mogulette in the making, taking it one step at a time, a little here and a little there, packing a rich resume together with much aplomb, so Mo Abudu you had better watch out!!!!!

So like a gold fish without any hiding place, it’s her born day (birthday) today and to make it memorable, one not to forget so easily, so she has launched out these stupendously gorgeous pictures, specially taken for your viewing pleasure.

It’s her birthday present to everyone as she also announces her upcoming, much awaited, nicely put together, talk show called “As Toyo Sees”, ain’t that brilliant? It’s her own point of view or seeing it as she sees it kind of!

More gorgeous pictures below. Click on read more below.

The ATS (As Toyo Sees) is a weekly talkshow targeted at the dynamic upwardly mobile generation and that covers a very wide spectrum of societal issues. It would also have a wide variety of guests also, from the gorgeous celebrities to inspirational entrepreneurs and much more. You wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

TOYOSI just recently joined Smooth 98.1 fm where she dazzles with her sonorous voice on the Grapevine show as an entertainment analyst. She doubles as the head honcho at Butterfly Productions who powers the 4th decade documentary.

All the topics on her show, are those she has had conversations about and also pondered on, so she’s thought to discuss on those issues with many who might know more or are better informed on them, than she is.

She has always been a celebrity in her on right on account of her vlog also known as the ATS Vlog. Which she says she hasn’t jettisoned, but the ATS is just a general package for the whole cake, the mother of all the ATS. On her vlog you see TP, shooting from the hips, gun blazing, in a no holds barred, her candid opinions on issues.

Men she fine and get presence oooooo!!!!


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