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The othet love of man about town, Lanre Nzeribe is publishing. He got into it a while ago, when he came out with a juicy, first class magazine aptly named Monalisa. Named then after the mythical beauty drawn by the very famous Leonardo Da Vinci, who was considered then by many as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Coincidentally, at the time of the launch of that magazine, Lanre was then dating sumptuously gorgeous Nollywood powerhouse by name Monalisa Chinda. So it was a declaration of love on two fronts as at that time.

So fast forward to now, after the acrimonious break up and cessation of business relationship between the then couple, the handsome well connected man about town, has thought to repackage that magazine which only published just 3 editions then and come out with a much better one, with a totally new identity.

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The launch of the Monalisa Magazine then we remember very vividly, was very colourful and held with pomp at the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island and had many of the top celebrities and stars around in attendance.

Now that Monalisa Magazine has become Escape which is the new name and under a new structure and management, we hear that it is going to be far richer in content and quality, while the quality of print would be further upgraded.

To make sure the newly repackaged lifestyle magazine come out smoking and impressive, Lanre has left no stone unturned by bringing top notch people to man the affairs of the business. The editor-in-chief of this new journey we hear is a gorgeous and very stylish former U.S. based trained lawyer by name Nnenna Anozia, who would be further assisted by a British lady, by name Emma Searle as the creative editor.

The highly cerebral Nnenna Anozia from what we could gather is not just very brainy, but also a fashionista to the core, who enjoys to be under the radar. From the gist coming our way, we hear the first edition of Escape would be a double banger, that would teach others how to publish a first class lifestyle magazine.

We are eagerly waiting to see this.


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