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Mercy AIGBE formerly with Gentry added to her name is bent and making sure her case with her estranged husband gets to the final conclusion.

After raising the alarm over supposed death threats made by her husband to eliminate her, she seems to have won the initial round of their battle royale.

The feelers we have gotten is that for not been able to perfect the bail condition that was specified, which was N500,000 and 2 sureties in like sum also, he was remanded in Kirikiri, till he would be able to meet the conditions.

Maybe now at least, there would be a lull in the singing ability of Mr. Gentry at least for a while now.

Mercy’s estranged husband Lanre has a damning case hanging over his neck as instituted by his soon to be ex-wife, and he would need a very smart lawyer to get himself out of this avoidable and unnecessary mess. The story of the CAT scan showing a cracked skull, might have tilted​ the case against him. 


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