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Shina Peller’s name is synonymous with good entertainment in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s like he has the key that unlocks the fun and everyone knows this and therefore flocks to his joint, Quilox to have a maximum fill of it.

Like he always does annually, his birthday celebration is always packed and well packaged, as someone that is a master host, he always make sure that the birthday is well celebrated with much pomp and it’s also a way for him to give back to society.

So this year’s birthday is no exception at all, as leading to the weekend of the birthday, activities have been lined up non-stop to make it another memorable event, which fun seekers and those who enjoy night life would not forget in a hurry!!!!

So for those who do enjoy partying and having fun galore, expect extreme fun and revelry unparalleled a la carte.

From today, Thursday, May 11, 2017 by 9 am, it would be a visit to the Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially sighted in Surulere. Then a visit to the Motherless Babies Home, Lekki and then a visit to, Victoria Island Secondary School, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Then jump to Friday, May 13, 2017. A super exclusive birthday party is set for the Eko Pearl Building at the Eko Atlantic City, party should kick off from 6pm and to end at around 11pm or thereabout. Then the party now shifts to Club Quilox for continuation of revelry, where the After Party would take place in full bloom.

Fast forward again to Sunday, May 14, 2017 there is another party at Club Quilox, this time around sponsored by the brand Hennessy, which is to start from 11pm.

More after the break. Please Click on read more below.

Still not stopping at that, come Thursday, May 18, 2017 the king of night life and the king of Fuji music, the incredible K1 the ultimate, collaborates with K1 at Club Quilox. For those who enjoys this particular type of revelry, money spraying et al, this would be fun unlimited and at her peak. Shina and K1 the ultimate are known to enjoy a super chummy relationship from way back.

So get ready to rumbleeeee.

We say happy birthday in advance to the great dude by name Shina Peller, also called by a special nick name “Olowo o idan” (magical hands) or to try to paraphrase appropriately, the one with the “Midas touch”.



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