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What in the world is the connection between these 2?

On the one side is this hot hot socialite, who seem to have the world at her feet as it is and is seemingly enjoying the best of times right now. In actual fact the cynosure of all eyes. And on the other side is this man in the eye of the storm, a highly connected top official, who seems to enjoy loads of unnecessary attention in the last few years and especially also very recently.

According to the unsubstantiated gist which has fully pervaded the atmosphere, the young socialite is the cynosure of the eyes of this man about town, who we hear is lavishing great attention on her.

Imagine that the socialite since her total upgrade, is the envy of many of those even she herself used to look up to before. She’s enjoying so much attention in cash and kind now, that her new status is very very obvious for all to see. Gone are the days of travelling  coach/tourist class, now for every of the more constant trip, it’s strictly business class and often now first class when the need be.

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That’s not even all, her budget for buying those things that are considered by her as necessities to live the life of the upwardly mobile, your very happening lady has increased greatly and exponentially. Imagine that this current champion socialite has even in her employ, buyers across the different continents, to help pick up the latest designer offerings in shoes and bags and even outfits, just to always be on point.

As at the last count, the very happening socialite, by virtue of how buoyant her account is now, owns nearly the whole collection in the Louis Vuitton range which retails for at least $3500 dollars each, so do the calculations. And these is just a tip of the iceberg, as the wardrobe is becoming more and more intimidating by the day.

So there has been the speculation as to where the ”liquidity” is flowing graciously & generously from. So most are linking the source of this happening times to the man with the nearly inexhaustible well of funds.

Young socialite presently does not care whatever anyone is thinking, for her it’s her time to shine and she’s going to shine so brightly. The top official is a married man to the core and an avowed married man at that, who claims to be straightforward and religious too, the dude be the most innocent person walking on foot. Imagine that young socialite is a member of a denomination a top spot where flame is prominent and enemies are the top focused that must be consumed by flames, so to her this might be God’s way of answering her prayers, after so much recent heartbreak. So maybe it’s the case of if tears abides in the night, joy cometh in the morning.



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