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So sorry that we sometimes get carried away by some of the rhymes that we hear from some of our very lyrical home based musicians, one of which inspired the title of this particular write-up, who is the daddy? Is it Yaggy?

Our subject matter is the very definition of lifestyle, a fly girl to the core, who wines and dines and beds the most happening and most relevant. According to the legend, if you call yourself a real dude, you have to have passed through that particular upper Volta region at least once before, that’s how you would have earned your strips as a real dude. From the old to the not so young, the register has been marked. The major criteria is that the choices have to be very very liquid, but for the young boys, they are only just engaged to oil the gears and keep the engine well lubricated, so engine wouldn’t knock.

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So when many months back, it was announced that she had taken in, it came with shock and with much sigh of relief. That’s majorly because no one was off limit to her and she was always ready to pounce on a new prey. So with the burgeoning belly, many felt that finally with this situation, responsibility has now come and madam would be relaxed.

But the real question on the mouths​ and the hearts of people is the subject of who actually owns the upcoming baby? Like who is the daddy? While some have speculated though quietly, whether it might be owned by a royal father, who played in the arena for a bit at least to mark his own register, which we heard he did with much aplomb. The other suggestion is about an America/US based Nigerian dude, who she supposedly had a whirlwind romance with and both had apparently agreed to walk the aisle, only for family of dude to hear about who the intended bride to be was and insisted over their dead bodies.

Or did one of the two musicians, who she loves to bits sneak in and did the deed? While one if these 2 is the boss, the under dude is an underling under him.

Lady from what we hear, still claims that marriage is still on the card and to the same dude (U.S based) that should be the baby’s daddy, but if that would happen at all, it might be long after the baby is born.

So the question still remains, WHO IS THE DADDY?

Why do we ask?
If you live your life in the public view and enjoys the notoriety that comes with it, then you have given us (the public/media) the access, to scrutinize that life. Like it is said,……………a gold fish has no hiding place.


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