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Nollywood’s top actress Mercy Aigbe formerly with Gentry added to the name has since gotten her groove back, since her husband was incarcerated for alleged assault and battery (domestic violence).

By virtue of her recent postings on her social media handle, especially her Instagram page, we have been able to gauge her current state of mind, which is groovy, with her even proclaiming that “Diablo” that’s the devil in Spanish, can’t try to hold her back or stop her, as she fringes into the new week. Hear her below-

We are totally loving the fact, that she’s doing all she can, to get the stress of the domestic violence thing off, so she can move forward. We hear that the number 1 thing she’s asking for, is the assurance that if and when her estranged husband, Lanre is released from incarceration, she would be safe as he was supposed to have threatened her life.

The good part of the whole imbroglio is that at least, the Canary has also been stopped for a while from just singing and singing, with discordant tone.


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  • Aloba will not kill someone, Canary has been stopped from singing indeed.
    Mr Gentry needs to employ the services of a tutor, his written English is a sight for sore eyes.
    Afterwards he needs a crash course on anger management.
    All these men wey no go fit fight men like themselves.