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Late Eugene Anenih

Dad- Pa Tony Anenih

Not really the best of times for the top PDP stalwart and former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih, who is also very well known as Mr. Fix it, as he just lost one of his sons to the cold hands of death just yesterday.

The death of Eugene is made the more sad because the family were still just grappling with the demise of his mom, who as we speak is still at the morgue, only for her beloved son to follow her too.

The keep fit loving dude, apparently slumped and gave up the ghost while playing lawn tennis at a club in Lagos, those around him apparently tried giving him CPR but to no avail. He is said to have died of heart attack.

Eugene Anenih, till his untimely death was the CEO/MD of Nova Finance and Securities Limited. A graduate of the University of Benin, with a BSc in Biochemistry and alumnus of the world famous Harvard Business School.

Just as we commiserate with his family on the sad loss, we pray that he finds peace.


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  • Nah wa o. He's mum who died a couple weeks ago has not been buried now this? Mr Fix it ? Wetin dey happen o? You are in your 80's and all these calamities? Check ya sef. Sins of father. God help us o. A bid lesson to us all. Karma always comes visiting but this is much o. Yomi pele. Hmm,m RIP

  • But my own is this yea, if someone exercises often, shouldn't that help? Why will the person still slump and die when he/she exercises regularly?
    May the soul of the departed RIP

    • May have an underlying heart defect that they don't know. People need to have full MOT on their bodies. An unknown weak heart will one day strike especially when doing exercises.