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Evangelist Taiwo Obasanjo

Taiwo Obasanjo and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

Could it have been that a mother, who carried her own child for a good 9 months after a very long delay would have wished him, that same son, ill will or bad or evil?

That’s a question that begs for some answers and quick ones at that. Now that the bone of contention has been sorted and the deed done, one just thought that the motives at least as explained needs to be examined again.

Olujonwo Obasanjo’s mom Taiwo Obasanjo, one of the several wives of Chief Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria and now an elder statesman, went all out to prevent the union between her son and his now beloved Tope from taking place. Apart from the fact that she made a whole lot of noise about it, she raised hell and hoopla to get attention to stop the ceremonies too. She even went as far as instituting a court case against her beloved son and her husband, to prevent the union from been legalised, but the case was thrown out, which allowed for the ceremonies to go on as we all saw it.

So what could have made her go to such length? Is it possible for a so called wicked mother, to go that far, knowing that such a case wouldn’t win her sympathy in the court of public opinion? That’s why we need to at least dissect her reasons for the vehemence.

She said, that prior to the birth of the child she had been warned via “prophecies” that her son, who took a while before coming must not have a “society wedding/celebrity wedding” (loud wedding), before the age of 34 years. That if the warnings were not strictly adhered to or followed, it would spell doom/disaster.

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Was she in anyway cursing her son or the impending marriage then? Not at all (that’s our take) she was only relating what she was told several years back which she really believed, so as to prevent any doom or disaster (s) that might be in the corner.

Was she right to have made the whole thing public and made such uproar or hoopla about the whole matter? O yes, if she believes in the efficacy of what she had been told, especially if for some reasons, if other things she had been foretold have happened already before, then she has all the reasons in the world to be scared and wanting to prevent, a preventable doom or disaster (s) from falling on her child!!!

She had said that she was told that all her son must do before age 34 in terms of marriage, should be quiet and not loud, if that be so and the son would be clocking 34 in only a few weeks or months, why then the hurry, why couldn’t they just indulge the mother of the groom for just a few weeks more, which also is safeguarding (even if they don’t believe the prophecy or in the prophecy) son too from just about anything? Was there more to the wedding happening now than we know?

What would a few weeks or months do, if the ceremonies were moved forward? By not considering the fears of a dotting mother, who on the surface was hell bent on protecting her own son, from impending doom/disaster, same son who shunned her, have they not indirectly tried to say something about the mental health/capacity of the woman?

It was very apparent that both Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Olujonwo Obasanjo, didn’t in any way or manner care about Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo’s input(s). She claimed that she asked everyone severally for the dates chosen but they kept same away from her.

Can one really blame the bride’s family in this whole plot? Not necessarily, since it is part of the Yoruba culture and tradition that the wife’s family hosts a wedding, they would have made decisions about dates known to the groom’s family (father and mother and extended family members in that order) who would have responded and made recommendations, they don’t necessarily need to worry themselves on whether a member of the other family is opposed to the dates chosen. It’s that family’s issue, however they deal with their situation is not their own concern. Especially also, if you raised the issue and you are told to back off, that’s it’s a none issue that they had taken care of.

Now that the wedding has taken place and the situation/consequences have been damned! So what if something truly happens (we pray that nothing unpalatable ever happens though), who would take the blame?

Maybe or maybe not, something was done to appease whatever could have happened or would happen, why wasn’t that communicated to the mother of the groom, that all had been sorted out?

It was so obvious that her words held no water and was of no importance to her own immediate family, for not only was she shunned, she was also prevented from attending, also her 2 kids were in attendance at the wedding, one was the groom and the other, her own direct daughter and sister of the groom, actually acted her role at the same wedding ceremonies. That just says it all for us.

Was there more to it than was revealed?

Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo according to our findings, is an ordained evangelist, who claims to have fallen in love with God and has even floated a church. So could she have been branded an extremist indirectly and by that then told to go stuff her prophecy/fears in the dustbin? 


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