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Where is the sumptuously beautiful and gorgeously stylish UGONNA OMERUO,? The creatively blessed and super talented young designer, who held sway a few years ago!

It’s like she has totally gone off the radar and has gone totally incognito. Even her fashion brand cum label with which she mesmerised many with her talent seem to have gone comatose also.

When she was still on the radar, she dazzled all comers with her colourful and intricate creations, she was also a fun fashionista in her own right, as she was always on point, with people always on the look out to see how she would be garbed at the next event/occasion.

The last we heard was whether she had relocated abroad for school, but it’s been 2 years now going 3 & yet not even a glimpse, so where is Ugonna Omeruo and what happened to her baby, House of Nwocha? 


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