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Collaboration from music heaven


Better to start from home before any other. A massive congratulations to our dear own boy extraordinaire, the one and only Wizkid as he did great at the Billboard Music Award 2017 in Nevada just earlier today.

Out of 8 awards he was nominated for courtesy of his collaboration with artist of the moment, Drake, Wizkid won in 3 categories namely- Top Streaming Song (Audio), Top R & B song and Top R & B collaboration, all for the song Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla ‘One Dance”.

That’s a good 3 over 8 and we are just very happy for the very talented and hardworking, young man, who has gradually grown to becoming the biggest home grown talent outta Nigeria. More grease to your elbow and more awards as you continue on your quest towards world domination, music and entertainment wise.

Meanwhile, the man from Canada, the swav and cool dude with the ultimate swag, that’s the one and only Drake boyyyyyyyy!!!! Swept the Billboard MusicAward 2017, annihilating and obliterating the nearest to him, winning 10 incredible awards. From Top Rap Album for Views, Top Billboard 200 album also for Views, Top Rap Tour, Top Rap Artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Song Sales Artist, Top hot 100 Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Male Artist and finally to the ultimate “Top Artist”!!!! That’s an incredible one, but it is even made more incredible by the time you also add the collaboration with Wizkid and Kyla, making a colossal 13 awards in just one night.

The nearest to Drake in terms of numbers was far far behind and it’s the incredible and about to pop, Beyonce, who won in 5 categories herself namely, Top R&B artist, Top R&B Tour, Top R&B album for Lemonade, Top Touring and finally Top Female Artist.

Again a big congratulations to Wizkid and by extension to Drake for helping to take a man towards his dream. Africa is on the rise! 


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