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If former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode were a rapper, we can bet his name would have been something like the “lyrical FFK”. Seriously!!! Dude is so good at yarning lines he would rival Kanye West.

The former minister is well known not only for his gift of the garb, he combines that good gift also with the ability to write well too; so by that alone it’s obvious his communication skills are top notch and he was puts that into great effect all the time, whenever possible or he is given the opportunity to show off. Maybe that’s why he has had the “enviable or is it unenviable” record of sweeping many ladies off their feet.

Like it is said, FFK is a lover and not a fighter. ??????

So on the special occasion of his wife’s birthday today, Thursday, May 25, 2017, the trained lawyer went overboard in a very positive way, though by celebrating her very sweetly, waxing very lyrical and hyperbolic. He showed in his epistle to his wife and mother of his son, that his poetic licence was well earned and that he loves her dearly, nearly worshipping the ground she treads on.  Ooooo what love!!! Even the fatalistic Romeo must be blushing here!!! Shakespeare had better re-write that story.

The gorgeous Ibo lady on her own part, released some very stunning and colourful pictures to celebrate her day.

Hear FFK serenade his Snow-White-


From the hills of Ohafia and the valleys of Abriba comes you that makes me smile.

More after the cut.

From the forests of Umahia and the lush green fields of Nanka comes you that brings me joy.

From the eastern shores of our nation where stars shine brightly and from where come men whose spirits cannot be broken comes you that gives me hope.

From the lineage of those who dare to believe and from the stock of those who soar like eagles comes you that creates new beginnings.

God brought you my way and has given me a new lease of life, what a gift you are-nit just to me but also to humanity.

Your star shall shine from generation to generation.
Your strength and confidence shall speak for you all the days of your life. Your talents shall open every door that you seek to enter.

Your beauty:ever radiant and ever lasting, shall shake the very foundations of humanity and melt even the hardest hearts.

You are snowhite & you shall remain as white as snow from beginning to the end.

Your sun shall never set and God’s light not darkness, shall follow you all the days of your life.

You are not just the Queen of pageants but the Queen of the ages.

From generation to generation humanity shall testify of your kimdness, your love and your good works. That is your destiny and that is your portion.

 Let not the storms of life ever cause you to give up or forget it. With you there is hope: you are Still, that one that makes me smile and brings me joy.

Happy birthday!!!


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