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Madam in this case is super gorgeous and still intimidatingly beautiful, even after having her kids. Sexy, stylish, shapely, smart, sumptuous, very well put describes her. Even that she’s married and with kids, many men would gladly and lovingly take her home as theirs. In fact we love her to a fault.

Oga or husband is dynamic duo and a dynamite on the dance floor. He is well buffed, very well to do, in fact one of the most successful at what he does. All others in the industry wants to be like him and bro.

So this should be a match made in heaven? Yes it should be, in fact according to what some wants us to hear, it is a perfect match. To get here and now, major battles had to be fought, duo had to weather some colossal storms, with husband and wife standing strong for each other.

But this new sneer or should we just say tales by moonlight, if we can be allowed to be that hyperbolic, has refused to disintegrate. The take is that dude and madam are very open in their interactions!!!!

What???? That’s the reaction we also exclaimed too!!!!! Open what? Open shege! According to the tale, in order for the balance in the relationship to be well managed and maintained, there’s the unspoken agreement for dude be free to wander.

Dude is allowed to chop outside games (antelopes, gazelles​, bush rats etc) much as he wants and this agreements, though is raising eyebrows, seem to be working for the duo.

All we can say basically is, more grease to their elbows


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