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Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown is what they normally say and we can bet that’s the current situation with the handsome white beard wearing SAN and Governor of Ondo State.

Heard that as it is currently, one of the major headache the Governor is battling and seriously grappling with is the monumental indebtedness he met on ground when he came on as Governor. So colossal is the debt that it can cause the faint hearted to give up.

But still yet not wanting to have a defeatist attitude, he has plunged headlong into the situation and his making every effort at finding how to unravel the complicated knots.

We hear that servicing the debt alone mad and is deducted straight from source by the FG. So before the state’s monthly allocation is received, some major macheting is done, so what arrives can only just​ sort out salaries and little more.

So for the man who had made many promises in his campaign to get here, the reality on ground is a bit scary and not too nice. So to try to meet up one way or the other, is taking some very ingenious manuevirings at least to make the little happening now to even happen.

It’s not even like what normally accrues to the state in the 1st instance is anything great or extraordinary, but that stipend and couoled with the overload of weight and expectations is causing his excellency’s white beard to be going more platinum by the day.

One only hopes that respite one way or the other, would come the way of the Governor, somewhere, somehow.

Maybe by virtue of foresight now, it would have been better not to have thought to carry this kind of unrelenting weight at all from the start.

But like they also say, it is where the battle is fiercest, that one sees the strong/hero/Champion or powerful.


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