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Tosin Saraki
Senate President Bukola Saraki and Wife

Toyin Saraki

All things being equal, the families of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and his amiable wife, Toyin and their extended families would play host to the who-is-who in Nigeria come the month of September of 2017.

Though information is still a bit sketchy as par actual plans, insiders have sworn that no matter what, a September date is most definitely a must and the choice of Tosin Saraki.

The brilliant and quite gorgeous young lass, at 25 going 26 in December of 2017, is the eldest child and first daughter of the Senate President and his wife Toyin, who have 4 gorgeous kids in all (Tosin 25, Seni the only son at 22 and the twins (both girls), who would be 17 in July).

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Tosin on the maternal side is also one of the grandkids of the inimitable boardroom guru and Prince of Lagos, from the Adele Ajosun ruling house, in the person of Otunba Adekunle Ojora and his amiable wife Erelu Ojuolape Ojora. While on the paternal side, her grandparents are the late former Senate Leader and strongman of Kwara politics, Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki and wife.

The about to wed lady packs an interesting and intimidating resume, having had her first degree at the London school of Economics and Political Science, with BA in Law and Anthropology and then LPC LL.M in International Legal Practice at the University of Law. She was called to the bar at the Nigerian Law School in 2013-2014. She presently works at Unilever, as a brand builder Oral care (Close Up and Pepsodent).

We bet that the Sarakis would go all the way, leaving no stone unturned to celebrate their first child’s wedding, when it would happen.

As par the identity of the groom to be? We would unfold as information gets to us. 


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