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We came across something that triggered the above title and we thought to engage ourselves here to hear People’s views.

What if your husband or your baby daddy wakes up one morning, no previous night’s fight or fight at all prior to that morning, so all was good before and then all muchy-muchy, goes or insists that he wants a paternity (DNA) test done on the kids. And that he wants it done as quickly as possible?

How would you respond? Shock…. disbelief!!! anger…..outrage…calmness….normal

Or better still, how should any lady respond?

Should the lady feel bad about it? Should she just take it in her strides and just go do it without any unnecessary fanfare or anger?

Does the insistence constitute a matter of trust or no trust?  Is it really a trust issue? 


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  • A shocking percentage of men are claiming and taking care of other men's children as theirs.
    If a man for any reason doubts the paternity of his children, he should carry out a secret DNA. If it turns out real, he'll confront his wife and if it turns out false, he can always keep the secret. Telling it to a woman's face will hurt a woman if she's been faithful and may break a marriage.