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Kate Henshaw

Like a blizzard in a good tempest they descended on the venue, looking hot hot. The young, the not so young, the slightly old and the gentlemen and ladies that made up the audience, they came having their best foot forward, looking totally on point, very many event appropriately​ dressed.

What did they come to do? None other than to be a part of the very exciting world of that Inimitable OAP and comedian, whose repertoire seems endless and unending. Dude be funny, let’s not lie at all, that is his royal funniest, Yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw………..

So this year’s theme or title was APERE, which translates directly to “Basket”,and he must have thrown the basket to the right and good part, for it came back full and overflowing, but he wasn’t alone for this year’s show, his sidekick, henchman, man friday, was none other than the super talented singer and songwriter​ by name Sound Sultan.

Both were undeniably funny and entertaining and we can bet, some bones would most definitely have been cracked, by the hilariousness of everything. If the crowd we saw was a judge to whether the show was a success, then Yaw most definitely must have laughed home, not smiled well.

We were around to cover the gorgeous and stylish red carpet for your serving delight and it is here in blazing colours. Saw the wonderful wife of the Minister for Power, works and Housing, the very  a kind-hearted Dame Abimbola Fashola, …….was that Kate Henshaw looking smashing as always?

Check out the hot pictures.

Photo Credit goes to Elvia Vibe Studio.

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  • Thought rumour has it that dayo amusa is pregnant and still lives in london? Abi is that not dayo amusa up there?