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Just in case, you are wondering which Alakija, you must surely have come to understand after all this while that there’s only one, that is the reference point and it’s none other than Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija and her husband. For effect, we all know that she has the enviable record of being the “wealthiest black woman alive” in the whole universe. And any party, event or occasion she organises is the ones to be stored be seen at

So first of all, salute to the woman of proper timber and Caliber.

So like expected, one of her sons, by name Flo (Folarin) took his now lovely wife to the altar yesterday and it was done inside a castle in London.

Like expected of a multi million pounds wedding, it had all the elements and trappings of drama and fairytale in abundance and on show, obviously the event planner went the extra mile, to make the whole day special. When there’s good money, anything can be gotten and done.

Venue of the wedding was the prestigious Blenheim Palace, in Stockport, Oxfordshire, London. And it was the wedding between 2 lovebirds, being Flo and his gorgeous Iranian stunner now wife, Naza or better still Neganin for full.

The “invitation box”, not card for this wedding was expectedly outstanding and intimidating. The first leg of this wedding had begun in Lagos, Nigeria with a traditional engagement etc sometime in November of 2016 at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos and that engagement on its own was a mega event as all the high rollers from different works of life were in attendance.

Now fast forward to this incredible white wedding. Naganin is the daughter of  an Iranian businessman, while Folarin is one of the 4 sons of the Alakijas.

The stupendous wedding venue, Blenheim Palace, is an architectural masterpiece steeped in tradition, it was where Sir Winston Churchill was born in 1874. It has a capacity to hold up to 2000 guests maximum and package could come to from £100,000 and upwards depending on many factors.

For someone that’s super wealthy, it’s the perfect venue to hold such a wedding of this magnitude.

Happy married life to the gorgeous duo. 


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  • Clap clap clap!
    I was thinking my husband will 'embezzle' lots of Nigerdelta money so we can have this kind of wedding for our daughters. Now Buhari…lol