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Candy candy, hot deliciousness unparalleled, the one and the only mommy king herself, highly opinionated and superiorly talented in the thespian mode, that is the Queen of swag…………… …………Tonto Dikeh.

She just celebrated her birthday not too long ago, and adding a year has not taken any toll on her whatsoever. She’s still as supremely gorgeous as ever.

She ascribed all the flavour, favour, grace, sumptuosness and wherewithal to God.

Though she’s had marital troubles of late, with all the attendant hoopla that followed it, even that crazy one she’s taken in her strides and trying to get her groove back.

That she’s relentless in her pursuit and still beautiful at that, is why she’s our Super Candy of the day.

And we love all of these beautiful birthday pictures. 


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