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Halima is undoubtedly a survivor.  A strong survivor at that. She not too long ago successfully underwent a fibroid operation in India.

Not that that was something super extraordinary, but if you look at things from the perspective of some women being much more stronger than others and can take things easily in their strides a bit easier than others, then you’ll understand that any decision to undergo an operation with all the risks involved is a big decision.

We are so happy that she has gotten her groove back. And she’s looking better and better by the day.

So her birthday, June 12 is annually that special day, many are still clamouring to be declared a public holiday.

So for this year as expected of the Kano born thespian , she released these happy and grateful pictures here in celebration of life and seeing another birthday.

Happy belated birthday to a good friend and a great person.

More after the break.


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