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Temitope Olagbegi, the CEO and Creative director of the very successful and award winning interior design company SIXTH SENSE  known to all by the orange butterfly, is at it again.

Led by her Sixth Sense, the  unexplainable intuition she has that has led her to birth and sustain thriving businesses, has launched yet another business brand known as THE REHABIAH GOLD NETWORK. A contemporary and very affordable jewellery line for Today’s Woman

The network has been designed to cater to and support retailers, as the REHABIAH GOLD JEWELLERY are exquistely designed through a high quality 18 carat gold plating process that makes pieces last for up to 5years.

The Rehabiah jewellery line are produced with high quality materials with a low price point. And it is set to revolutionalise the jewellery sphere in Nigeria, with exquisitely made, yet affordable pieces.

But there is more, in the face of the tough economic situations currently prevailing in the country, REHABIAH GOLD  is very determined via her own extraordinarily conceived CSR project, to empowering the Nigerian woman. Ensuring that through its products, every woman can become economically self reliant. Which goes a very long way at empowering the family.

So in this vein, would be distributors and retailers are very welcomed to join this beautiful network.

For more information, please call- 08099454321 and also check the Instagram account- @rehabiahgoldnetwork.

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