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Ghana property ????
Evans the terror

We don’t know if it is a prank or joke of any kind, but we got this picture posted above, with the claim that it is actually one of famed Ghana properties said to be owned by Evans the terror, the billionaire kidnap kingpin. Who became stupendously rich by virtue of his evil atrocities.

You will recall that part of the confessions of the despicable dude- CHUKWUDUBEM Onwuamadike, is that apart from the 2 Lagos properties he supposedly owns said to have cost him ₦200 million, he his said to equally own 2 humongous Ghana properties too, value of which were never ascertained.

Location also in Ghana, of the 2 properties were never given.

But now the picture above has come out and there’s the unconfirmed claim it is one of the 2 in Accra, the Ghana capital.

If truly it is, then Evans sure has a super good taste in properties and must surely have a good eye.

Evans the terror, a father of 5, whose despicable reign of terror caused anguished and terrible pain on many, was said to have used his proceeds of crime and evil, to live like a king who never thought his atrocities would find him out somehow in the future. His web spanned Lagos, Edo, Anambra and other parts of the country, leading as many as 7 gangs at a time.

He really lived large, using the famed satellite phone, by name Thuraya as one of his means of communication and there were several other phones and hundreds of pre-registered Sims that he bought only at ₦1500 each. In addition to this phone that can be used in any type of terrain without any form of encumbrances, he also had 2 Vertu top notch phones that is said to have cost him the average of $6000 each.

At 36, this mean dude had already lived a life, and acquired properties that only many other people could only dream and form fantasies about. He had wrist-watches that were valued in their millions.

Only 4 properties, 2 in Lagos and 2 in Ghana were ever spoken of, but there’s the likelihood he might even have more.

More after the break.

There’s the claim that he has some form of cancer, so he should be let lose on compassionate grounds. A claim that in itself is mad. Same dude who didn’t care about others, except what he was going to get off them has now suddenly gone puritanical???

It is claimed that he reads Psalm 23, please and please what does that justify? And also that he is a prayer warrior by his wife, ………so is that claim now indirectly saying he was ordained by God to do those evil things he perpetrated?  Which God/god was he praying to?

Let’s even ask ourselves this question can it be True at all, that madam (his wife) never knew, never suspected at all, in all of 12 to 15 years that her husband was into crime?

Abeggggii!!!!!All that stories been packaged and yarned by his wife, is what the Americans refer to as “bullshit” & we here refers to as “stories for the gods” 🙄😳🙄.

If truly Evans is as smart as he is claimed to be, his new act of contrition is all that it is then, an “act”, which is worthy of an Afrima or other recognised movie awards.

Imagine a remorseful dude, who was engaged in a shooting spree before getting caught? 


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  • I've an enough of all the stories around him. His judgement and execution should be delivered sharperly. He deserves a beach tied to drum public execution.