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The brand owned by Tomi Rotimi has always been known for its very clean lines and attention to the minutest details.

So the resort 2018 collection headlined by the gorgeous actress and entertainer, ADUNNI ADE followed the same pattern. Why change a winning formula so it seems.

The wearer would greatly appreciate what they have gotten, as it speaks class, distinction and upgraded elegance.

The inspiration behind this superb collection we hear is “beauty and simplicity”. Not one for unnecessary attachments and appliques that removes from the beauty instead of adding to it.

Every outfit in the collection, speaks of sophistication in its most simplest form, as they are all supremely well tailored and with a good mix of colours in the right place and not vulgar at all.

According to the Creative Director of the “XCLAMATIONS”, the choice of “ADUNNI ADE” to carry the brand’s essence, is because “Adunni’s personality, totally reflects the brand’s woman for resort 2018; “Easy, Beautiful with a knack for tradition”, hence the attachment of prints on the outfits.

We totally love this collection. It’s a ready to wear that’s totally on point.

Kudos the mind behind it.

Gorgeous pictures were taken by ace photographer, Emmanuel Oyeleke.

Model as you already know is Adunni Ade.

More after the break.


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