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One half of the very fashionable Indian-Canadian socialite sisters, Jyoti Matharoo clocked 33 a few days ago and like they are known to do, both had massive fun celebrating each other.

To make the day memorable for both sisters especially the birthday gal, they both (they are like Siamese twins always everywhere together) flew from North America, in Canada to be more precise to idyllic Spain, in beautiful Valencia & Barcelona to mark the happy day.

It must have been some helluva fun, judging from the colourful and funtustic pictures we came across, as both sisters are seen lounging and soaking up the sun like some kinds of goddesses, relaxing after much adventures.

Both sisters are well known for not compromising in any way and manner on what pleases them, be it fashion, fun and lifestyle. They are unrepentant mistresses of unbridled fun and enjoyment, who lives the jetset life (Ibiza, St.tropez, Monaco, Miami, Las Vegas etc) without any form of apologies to anyone whatsoever.

Much has they have faced much troubles in Nigeria and the avalanche of bad press that followed, it’s like their past troubles are what it just says,………. past.

So they both seemingly, have gotten their groove back on.


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  • Thank you Otedola for making sure these slxts are evicted from our country. They're obviously looking for new clients, typical slutty Indians living on men.