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We caught up with the popular politician and philanthropist, known to most as Mma Bakassi, but better known to all as Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, just yesterday at Christ Embassy Church, Lekki, Lagos at the baby dedication of the gorgeous daughter of now retired former Captain of the National Football team, the Super Eagles, in the person of Joseph “JY” Yobo aka captain fantastic and his supremely lovely and very well mannered ex-beauty Queen wife, Adaeze Stephanie Chinenye Yobo, MBGN 2008.

The dame, who is not a day younger than 71 years old, still has the poise, elegance and sophistication of someone half her age. And to add to it all, her style sense is still top notch.

She has won several style awards for her age class several times over. For Florence Ita-Giwa, good form is something she doesn’t toy with and not relent in.

At every occasion we have seen her over the years, she has represented with supreme panache showcasing good style and Oomph with careless abandon. That could only have been possible by virtue of years and years of doing it great and honing ones skills.

She’s known to have some of the best designers and tailors, both local and international on her speed dial and at her beck and call, and one of the secrets that we found out is that, she prefers some of the best from Beirut in Lebanon where she flies to quite often, either to get the most exotic of fabrics or to commission some new “eat your hearts out collection” to dazzle all and sundry.

This her lace outfit with the gorgeous applique, is simple but classy, yet not outrageous for someone in her 70s who is still consciously classy.

Kudos to the original Mma of style. 


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