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Adaeze, 2nd son and daughter
JY and adorable daughter

Couple with gorgeous daughter

Dabota Lawson 

Standing-Wendy Faloughi, Caroline Danjuma and Adaeze Yobo
Anita Iseghohi, MBGN 2004

Date was Sunday, June 25, 2017. The venue was Christ Embassy, Lekki Lagos, not far from the 4th roundabout along the Lekki-Ajah Expressway. It’s just the right turning by the OANDO filling station on the express way.

The occasion was the baby dedication of the gorgeous daughter, the 3rd born child of esrtwhile captain of the senior national football team, Super Eagles in the person of Captain Fantastic, Joseph “JY” Yobo and his supremely gorgeous wife, the former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2008, the one and the only “Adaeze Stephanie Chinenye Yobo”.

To show support at the very impromptu occasion, friends and family members all came looking exquisite to the short ceremony which was officiated by one of the female pastors at the church, who did a marvelous job stirring the people up nicely. Men the choir could sing like angels!!!

Some of those we saw at the church were the equally gorgeous and very stylish Caroline Danjuma, who came along with her kids. Truth be told Caroline was totally on point in her classy burgundy top on rainbow coloured pant ensemble and that “sculpted body”, mama miaaaa hmmmmmmm….mad on point, was shown off with much aplomb.

We also saw one of the nicest persons on earth, who though a former beauty queen too, “she was MBGN 2004 then” and now at 32 and with 4 kids, would still win a beauty pageant hands down any day and anytime, that’s the exquisitely gorgeous “Anita Queen Iseghohi”.

Also at the church looking supremely regal in her royal blue outfit, with her new baby in tow was none other than the tall and beautiful Dabota Lawson of the Dabota Cosmetics fame, she seem to have gotten her groove back totally.

Mma Bakassi, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa was there too, looking as smashing as expected, so also were the 2 grandparents, looking very good, Mrs Abigail Igwe, Adaeze’s mom wore a stylish sequinned black top on a black pant and heels.

Respected legal practitioner and APC chieftain in the Niger Delta and close family of the Yobos, Mrs Joy Nunieh-Okunnu was also in attendance with her gorgeous daughter.

We loved that yellow outfit as worn by Orisafemi’s wife Nabila, who was also present, but she later changed to another sweet short black number later to come to the house.

Mrs. Wendy Ephraim Faloughi, wife of the billionaire oil and gas tycoon and chairman of Sovereign Trust Assurance, Ephraim Faloughi was also in attendance, she being the baby’s godmother did all that was required of her very happily. Her stylish outfit topped with the beautiful fascinator, was the definition of sophistication.

There were others there too that we didn’t know.

After the church dedication, the whole crew then headed to the “fancy pink palatial edifice” of the Yobos not too far away, for what was supposed to be brunch, but which lasted till about 7pm.

There was much merriment and backslapping as the deejay churned out good jamz to the delight of all, as barbeque and food were served heartily.

Even at a point the ladies decided to honour the dance floor with some movements Lol. Boyyyy !!!! Some of these moms can still move oooooo, Adaeze and Caroline are both dancing queens anyday.

Who was that, that came much later with her gorgeous daughter in tow, twas none other than ex-beauty queen Anna Banner, 22 MBGN 2013.

In all, it was fun and fun galore.

Kudos to the Yobos!

Photography was by Dola Posh.

More adorable pictures below.

Kemi Yobo, Anita Iseghohi, Kika, Adaeze, Abigail Igwe & Dabota Lawson


Baby with Grandma-Abigail Igwe

Baby’s godmother, Wendy Ephraim Faloughi & grandmother Abigail Igwe
Joseph’s younger brother Solomon, Jaden and Joy Nunieh-Okunnu

Senator Florence Ita-Giwa

Adaeze and eldest son Joey

Anita, Kika, Oby, Abigail Igwe, Joe & Ada, Caroline, Nabila & Dabota

Couple, daughter and church crew

Couple, daughter, Joe’s mom and sister

Oby Igwe, Adaeze, daughter, mom

Joy Nunieh-Okunnu, Joe & Wendy Ephraim Faloughi

Adaeze and besto Kika

Caroline Danjuma, Anna Banner &  Adaeze

Adaeze and Abiola 

Joe and Abiola 

Anna & daughter, Adaeze & daughter

Joe and church crew

Movement by Joe

Obiageli Igwe & Abiola

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