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Mrs Oyindamola Emelia Olufeko

Adeolu Abayomi Olufeko

Many had expected that when any of the children of the super rich would wed, it would be a colossal display of opulence and extraordinary liquidity.

This assertion is based on the fact that, what else is the reason for being in that league other than to make sure ones kids futures are well assured and that they are well taken care of in life. And anything you do, be it a party or celebration, the kind of house you build or live in, the kind of cars you drive etc would be the standards by which others are judged.

One of the best ways to show ones level at this height or level, has always been during occasions like a wedding, birthdays and other events of the likes.

So being a “certified billionaire” many times over and in hard currency at that, not in Naira at all, one that even the world recognises as an “ultimate big-boy” (Forbes rich list), Otunba Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr had been expected to roll out the drums at such level that others would have recognised that money has levels.

But alas! Instead of the loud she-bangs, plenty of noise all had expected, it was more of a hush-hush affair.

Everything was done at the home of the man some have nicknamed the bull or some have referred to as the guru’s palatial home in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Not that the palatial or better still humongous estate wasn’t big enough to host a massive wedding party of the magnitude expected by all and sundry; the fact is that the place was massive enough, more than opulent enough at that. That it is referred to as an edifice or that it is humongous should have conveyed how expansive the compound is.

Imagine it is the particular and spectacular homestead of the billionaire spreadout on several acres of prime land. It was at that place, that all was done, so as to “contain” the event as much as possible, so that it wouldn’t spread and become something that couldn’t be managed appropriately.

Why would the billionaire do a hush-hush wedding for his first daughter- Oyin, after rolling out the drums, throwing out the unprecedented large red carpet, playing host to the who-is-who of the society, hosting a one-of-a-kind event, when is 2nd daughter Bella Adenuga-Disu had her wedding many years back, at an occasion/event that was the “undisputed wedding of the year” then? And now for his first daughter a relatively very conservative event by all standards?

More after the break. The answer to the question.

The answer is in the fact that according to the “unconfirmed gist”, the man of extraordinary means and super great influence, the friend of many heads of states/Presidents was advised strictly to make the occasion a quiet one!!!

We all know that as one climb the ladder of success in life and as more zeros are being added to the numbers we can count, many of these great people of means would have some people, that we can tag- “special advisers” in the form of clerics, who are dedicated to prayers and supplications on their behalves.

Those people, whose call in life are to meditate, intercede, supplicate, advise and direct on “esoterical matters” beyond the purview of mere mortals, as the “extra terrestrial” advises or directs.

So according to the gist, the “reclusive man of great means”, whose “liquidity status” is of the staggering kind, was advised to be more “circumspect” on this occasion. Which was why his delightsome and more down-to-earth daughter’s wedding was far more quiet than usual.

Oyindamola Emelia Adenuga, now Olufeko 39, was swept off her feet, by her beau a Nigerian-American award winning digital strategist by name Adeolu Abayomi Olufeko at the weekend.

The engagement ceremony had been on Thursday 06/07/2017 at the Adenuga’s opulent estate, with KSA on the bandstand, though as planned it was a quiet affair. Colours of the day were Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green.

The main day however, was Saturday, July 8, 2017 same day as the Amosun weds Dabiri humongous party in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Where we even saw Aunty Joko Oni, a very close friend of the Adenugas and even Wole Aboderin who was alleged to have been a close friend of Oyin years back. These 2 normally should have been a part of the Adenugas wedding, but both were in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Though the event for Saturday had been slated for 4pm, we heard it couldn’t start at that time, because of the unprecedented and strange downpour that had everywhere flooded on that day, which only receded after several hours.

The downpour from what we heard, nearly marred the event as it affected the marquee that was going to be used. But what is the rain and a marquee for someone of the might and caliber of Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr, it was an obstacle that was soon overcome, though it took a while and the “Royal Ascot” themed event went on as expected with much aplomb afterwards.

According to the gist, though a closed-affair due to “strict adherence to instructions”, those who expectedly showed faces were dressed to the nines and had unbridled fun from the start to the end. Fascinators was calling on fascinators in colours and hues of the rainbow, people had taken special care to look on point, both male and female.

It was a world class event by all means and standards, just that it had far more fewer people than should have been at such an event.

Unconfirmed gist even said that King Sunny Ade played alongside the deejay, which might have been the reason KSA couldn’t show up at the Amosun/Dabiri event as was expected.  He was announced as one of those to perform alongside Chief Commander, Ebenezer Obey FABIYI and Deejay Lambo.

All in all, the occasion has already happened now and then already in the past tense now, what we are expecting now is us celebrating the birth of a new baby or babies and even the weddings of either the eldest son, the handsome and very hardworking Babajide Adenuga or his younger sibling Paddy or even any of the other children old enough to marry; would it be a secret wedding or a befitting society wedding a la the recent Alakija fairytale London wedding that shook the foundation of that kingdom, let’s wait and see. 


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  • According to the version I heard, it's actually what the couple want primarily because the groom isn't as famous and cos of their ages, same reason they don't want photos going public. Anytime a rich Yoruba does quiet wedding you all say it's clerics.
    Aloba was it some cleric who asked you to take a break from your blog last year???? Hahahahahaha

  • Aloba was it some cleric who asked you to take a break from your blog last year???? Hahahahahaha

    Best line I have read here in along time.