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Yul Edochie


Osita Chidoka

Handsome thespian son of renowned Nigeria thespian by name Pete EDOCHIE, by name Yul EDOCHIE has made his political intention and ambition known to the world.

Maybe as a way to confirm that truly “everyman is a political animal” one way or the other, it seems like the young man has legitimate hope of running the affairs of the richest state in the East- Anambra.

If Yul has his way, he would be involved in a 3 way battle with the incumbent, Chief Willie OBIANO of APGA, who is acknowledged as an action Governor per excellence and who many have glowingly reiterated that he deserves another 4 years term in charge, based on his antecedence. The executive Governor of Anambra State currently, would be clocking 62 on August 8, 2017.

On the other side is the former Corps General of the FRSC and former Minister under the Government of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan GCFR, in the person of Chief Osita Chidoka of the UPP, but formerly of the PDP. Chief Chidoka is another action packed individual, with outstanding pedigree in public service. He is a relatively young man at 46, in fact he would be clocking 46 on July 17, 2017.

What would be Yul’s reason for stepping forward? He believes there’s the need for the old and senile kind off to give way to the new and fresh, like him. Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie, clocked 35 in January of 2017. He is the last born of 6 kids of the veteran and award winning actor-father.

As per his political party of choice to prosecute this dream and ambition, no one knows yet. Maybe APC since their candidate has withdrawn in support of the incumbent. 


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