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Kola Akanni Aluko

Olajide Omokore

Diezani Allison-Madueke
..with Naomi Campbell and crew

  ..with P Diddy

It’s most definitely not the best of times for these duo of very very liquid fellow and their best friend in the persons of Kolawole Akanni Aluko, OlaJide Omokore and by extension Diezani Allison-Madueke as the searchlight of the US Government has somehow caught up with them.

Except they can come up with some extraordinary arguments via their lawyers to stop the big hammer that is coming down on them, they are on their way to losing many of their very prized assets or possession, chief of which is that humongous and awesomely beautiful luxury boat owned by Mr. ALUKO, named the Galactica Star rated at about $80 million dollars and also a $50 million dollars rated condominium in Manhattan’s 157W 57th Street, New York amongst others.

Galactica Star

157W 57th Street Manhattan

Kola ALUKO & Naomi Campbell

At the height of their reign as very big boys before what they would now term this unnecessary and irresponsible scrutiny, both very very liquid men apparently went haywire on a buying binge, picking up exclusive properties and assets here and there all over the world as they deemed okay.

Imagine that Kola’s luxurious yacht is rated as one of the most expensive in the world, it rates on the list as one of the top 40 most luxurious and expensive yacht. It was seen and acknowledged then as the height of saying “see me I have arrived and I own the world”. Kola’s acquisitions wasn’t limited to just that; this friend of Naomi Campbell, P Diddy and the likes also owned some of the best and most expensive properties money could acquire around the world, same as the more quiet but also asset loving Jide Omokore. Kola’s LA home is humongous and one of the very best money could have acquired.

Now that the “Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative”, a searchlight initiative of the US Government to seize any alleged proceeds of corruption has beemed her light on some of these valued assets valued at about $144 million dollars, except both men can legitimately explain how they came about the funds to buy most of things, they are likely to forfeit them.

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The US through a Deputy Attorney General, had this to say very recently “the US is not a safe haven for proceeds of corruption. “If illicit funds are within reach of the US, we will seek to forfeit them and return them to the victims from whom they were stolen.

The duo and Nigeria’s former highly influential Oil Minister, Mrs.Diezani Allison-Madueke are facing allegations of conniving to steal some staggering amount of funds, through many ingenious means.

Though Madam Diezani has denied vehemently all of the allegations, even stating that she’s ready to go to jail, in fact she’s claiming to have done more good for Nigeria than the country has ever known, so now she and her friends needs to prove that the Federal Government is merely witch hunting them unneccesarily or they are sure going in for it.

While the US Government on one side is dealing with the trio, also here in Nigeria they are being faced with another series of major allegations bordering on the diversion of a staggering $1.7 billion dollars! Which was the amount due to the Nigerian nation from the sales of crude oil they were permitted to lift and sell, for which that amount was not remitted.

Instead the duo went on a “buying binge” some of those things they are alleged to have bought includes-

-₦800 million Naira on vehicles donated to the PDP via the former deputy national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus.
-₦130 million Naira more on vehicles again, this time around given as gifts to Diezani and others at the NPDC for good jobs well done.
-$18,548,619.99 & ₦1,070,000,000 paid by Kola ALUKO to FBN Mortgages Limited as part payment for a block of flats, 26 flats at that, at 46, Gerard Road, Ikoyi the total cost of block was ₦5,210,520,515.
-$25,839,606.77 & ₦95,000,000 payment made to a bank as part payment for financing the acquisition and renovation of properties by Atlantic Energy Drilling and Atlantic Energy Brass Limited. The properties are Mason Apartments on 6, Gerard Road Ikoyi, consisting of 60 units of 3 bedrooms apartments valued at US $78,000,000, Marion Apartments Block 8, at 4 & 5 Onikoyi Estate, Banana Island, Ikoyi consisting of 43 units of apartments valued at $76,160,000. Apartments at 33A Cooper Road, Ikoyi renovated at a total cost of $4, 937,750, there’s also the Admiralty Towers on 8, Gerard Road.

-Both men transferred $69, 912, 981.15 to different companies for various acquisitions.

-Houses of various values and lands litters different countries of the world, the US, UK, Canada, France, Switzerland etc owned by the duo.

-58 exotic cars of different brands, whose value run into tens and hundreds of millions of dollars! These includes a few Bugattis, one of which was specially given to Kola ALUKO in commemoration of a special Chinese anniversary. A Bugatti’s normal cost is upwards of $1 million dollars plus, now imagine a custom made one.

-Super exotic and expensive wrist watches!

-Private jets- Global Express S5 GMG, Bombardier Global 6000 9H-OPE.

Cash found in different accounts.

$25,000,000 in LDT Switzerland
$1,000,000 in Corner Bank, Lugano Switzerland
$40,000,000 in Deutsche Bank Geneva
$175,000 in HSBC London.

Kola owns 75% of Atlantic Energy Drilling and Atlantic Brass Development and 10% of Seven Energy.

What has been noticed though is that, it seems like gone were those days in the not too far past, where the duo of Kola and Jide, used to spend money has if it really had no value.

Jide Omokore’s son wedding in Dubai, the UAE is still a constant reminder of what it is like to have stupendous amount of money in ones account. That wedding was estimated to have cost between $8,000,000 to $10,000, 000 USD. With Jide taking over whole floors of some of the most expensive and exotic hotels in Dubai. The reverberations of the sheer opulence displayed at that occasion was alleged to have cost the father of the bride his job.

The number of private jets from Nigeria and from around the world owned and hired by Nigerians and guests that came for that wedding was staggering and unprecedented. Kola apparently on that occasion took over the most exotic lounge/night club in Dubai, where all comers had the place to themselves on the house.

There were also stories of gifts of expensive cars and Jewelry here and there. Imagine a neck Jewelry of about $1.2 million dollars given to madam at a point.   


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  • They had a fabulous time while it lasted.

    However. I'm curious about Kola and Jide. How did they meander to meet and establish the level of trust that opened the door floodgates for them with Madam die? How did this all start?