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Segun Oni

Opeyemi Michael Bamidele

Congressman Bimbo Daramola

Once beaten twice shy is the common adage, so that saying presupposes that the next time, if that time ever comes that person would have learnt a lesson and would be better prepared or would have readjusted, especially via the knowledge one has acquired via experience.

As it seems right now, it’s like the APC which is the opposition party in Ekiti State, where PDP’s own enfant terrible, in the person of his excellency, the executive Governor of Ekiti, Mr. Ayodele Peter Fayose reigns supreme has not learnt their lessons at all.

Just like it happened a few years ago, where internal wranglings, inordinate ambition, greed, unnecessary desperation led to a foolish implosion, which broke the ranks and divided the party, much to the extent that everyone went to their different camps and dug deep, such a scenario is already gradually building up again. What happened then virtually allowed a grassroot mobiliser extraordinaire like Ayo Fayose to slamdunk the APC, blowing the party into smithereens along the way and coasting to an unprecedented and unmatchable victory, with them not even being able to win one local government, even though the party was the one on the seat.

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Now again all the signs of what could occur in the future have begun to show.

Imagine that already, instead of closing ranks and having a common front against a very formidable opponent/enemy, everyone again wants to run for the Governorship.

Already the following people have indicated their interest and are not willing to back down for anybody.

Segun Oni- former Governor of the State, who was ousted by the courts then for Kayode Fayemi to be installed. He was a former member of the PDP, who later cross-carpeted to the APC and became a top national cheiftain of the party. At above 60 years old, he has declared his unflinching intentions to run, not minding at all whose ox is gored. Some have asked the question, “what is he looking for again”? Can he not allow a much younger person to run? And even give such a young blood full support?

Opeyemi Michael Bamidele- Former Commissioner for Sports, Youth Development in Lagos State, an APC aspiring candidate at the last election, who later decamped and moved to the Labour Party as the party’s Governorship candidate after the implosion in the APC. He felt then that he was conspired  against. He was estranged from his former godfather, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu because he felt he needed to prove his mettle in another party, when he left a sizeable chunk of supporters left with him. But after he and the other political parties to Ayo Fayose, he has since returned back now to the APC camp again and wants to run for Governorship in the state again.

Congressman Bimbo Daramola- is the relatively young one amongst the trio as he would be 50 on November 7, 2017, the handsome and very passionate candidate, who is currently the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives also wants to contest and it is right to do so. A Geologist by training and a member of the APC, one especially who believes in the paradigm shift and who strongly believes that it is time for the youths to show themselves worthy.

These are the 3 prominent ones who have made open their intentions, there still might be more.

Are they formidable enough opponents to lead the charge against either Fayose or his preferred candidate? Who amongst these trio is the best option? 


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