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Professor Benedict Ayade

Ali Modu Sheriff

Ahmed Makarfi

This is probably a bit of a trying period for the Governor of Cross Rivers State, in the person of the very gregarious Professor Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade, as he has to make some major decisions quickly that could either make or mar is political career for good.

This is not about his growing feud with the Dame of Bakassi, in the person of Senator Florence Ita-Giwa (Mma Bakassi). Nor is it about some major issues that concerns the oil rich state.

No it has nothing whatsoever to do with that at all. This is a far more, much more important dilemma on the scale than that particularly unneccesary feud.

This has to do with a decision, that rests on the decision of the Supreme Court of Nigeria of recent, when the apex court in the country ejected and removed the former 2 term consecutive Governor of Borno State, Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff as the chairman of the PDP and declared as the “authentic Chairman” another former Governor, Ex-Governor of Kaduna State in the person of Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi.

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All the while that that imbroglio went on, Prof. Ayade openly stuck out his neck in full support of Ali Modu Sheriff, who has now lost the battle. He was openly on the side of the other divide (faction), so now that the side he belongs to have become the “outcast”, seen as the “turncoats”, those bent on destabilising the former great party, he has a major decision to make, especially if he would want to have a 2nd term!

The then seemingly unending feud, totally tore the former ruling party PDP apart. So much so that many of their very prominent members even in Governance jumped ship and cross carpeted! The Ali Modu Sheriff faction never ever thought they could lose, so until the Supreme Court decision that upset them, it was like they owned the world. According to the feelers then, if the court decision has gone the way of the Ali Modu Sheriff faction, that might have signalled the total death and burial and probably extinction of a party, that at its height boasted itself of being the “biggest political party” in the world. Many of those still members of the party before the court decision, had threatened to quit/leave the party should Modu Sheriff have won.

So now that the initial period of shock has ended, this is the time for serious and monumental decisions.

If what a bird whispered into our ears is anything to believe and go by, The 48 year old Governor, reputed to be the youngest Governor in the country might have subtly initiated a “political romance”, with a very high ranking member of the ruling APC & former Governor of a state in Nigeria, who is also currently a super Minister in the country. That romance if it comes to fruition, is a way to make the Governor land softly and have an assured future.

Are we to expect a jumping of ships sometime soon?

Is there a major cross carpeting in the offing soon?

Would this be another sad loss for the PDP and a major gain for the APC?


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