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A mother’s joy at carrying her own baby in her womb for that 9 month is incomparable to many other experiences she undergoes through her lifetime, no matter what those other experiences might be.

That 9 months period is when that unique attachment, that “special connect” is made that would take only something extraordinarily monumental to break.

If a mother hen can be so protective of her chicks against any attack, these are chicks that came from eggs that’s more nurtured on the outside than inside, how much more a woman, who carries her own all of 9months inside herself and watches the baby grow gradually from just a foetus to a big baby!

New mother and “dame about town” and the owner of Oasis MedSpa, the one and only Freda Francis aka Olivia Pope, aka 007 here in beautiful array, in these picture perfect shots taken not too long ago while still pregnant, just”looked back” yesterday at the gorgeousness of her blooming belly, showcasing the beauty of life and her pregnant beauty before she finally popped very recently.

In the first so soothing picture, you can even see how the Sun was somewhat extending his fingers in form of rays to envelope the then still blooming mama to be.

We congratulate her! 


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