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Willie Obiano

The upcoming November 18, 2017 Governorship election in Anambra would be very very interesting. The assertion majorly is because it would pitch a well known very hardworking, incumbent action Governor against some very formidable opponents likes of Osita Chidoka and a few others who haven’t yet won their party primaries, who just mere looking at them alone and what they have at their disposals, are titans.

If one were to carefully look at some of those wanting to take over from the incumbent very carefully and deeply at the same time, not just on the surface, some very interesting things would pop up too.

That November 2017 election would be a fight for the very soul of Anambra State. Imagine the the caliber of those who have shown interest, likes of Senator Andy Uba, Capital oil boss Ifeanyi Ubah, former beleaguered Minister for Aviation, Stella Oduah and many others.

Former Governor Peter Obi, with his exemplary leadership style had created a fantastic foundation upon which the current Governor has built enviably on, which is what has majorly endeared him to his people.

Anambra, is most probably the headquarters of the Ibos and though probably the most cosmopolitan of the South Eastern states, with very many of the core wealthy ones amd very educated ones from there, no matter how you look at it, it is still a “civil service state”. So to be able to win any election in the state therefore, you would most probably have had to impress the state’ civil service who are the influencers in the state.

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According to available reports, the Governor it seems has been able to read the minds of the state indigenes very well and they are majorly the ones that Governor Willie Obiano has focused his attention on very well and in that he seems to have done extremely well, which is that he has been in their good books.

According to available reports, the Governor has been able to pay the salaries of the workers in the civil service (civil servants) without any excuses given as at when due. A very laudable feat, if you would ask us, especially at a time, that over 80% of his counterparts in other states have found the same thing very hard and difficult to do. So no salaries owed at all. That in the minds of voters is stability and security.

It doesn’t end there, we hear also that “pensioners” in the state have had it good with OBIANO since he became the state’s Chief Executive. These are the old work force in the state that many in other states have totally neglected continually. These “group of influencers” are also said to be very very happy with OBIANO. You could say this is like the blessings of the elders, so imagine how they would influence the voting pattern.

Another feat that has endeared the incumbent ttohis people is that, not long ago, the Governor made sure that “civil servants” in the state, who for several years have not received any form of promotions got their dues. Over 4000 civil servants were duly promoted. That several thousands were newly promoted to the next grade meant more money to be paid, despite the biting economic situation which has always been the excuses of over 80% of other states.

Still not done yet, the same Governor again in his bid at job creation one of his major mandate and electoral promise, took a huge chunk of people off the unemployment market, by employing over 3000 people into the states “teaching service commission”. That alone is something that he should be commended for. If one would look at it well, that’s like adding further burden on the state’s already well stretched finances at this trying times!

Another obvious slamdunk that the Governorvhas performed or has been performing which we heard has really endeared him to the people, is the little case of the “Anambra Rice distribution”. The rice we hear is distributed or shared across board to civil servants during festive seasons. That’s good stomach infrastructure, if one can say that.

Other areas where the Governor has stood out gallantly are as follows-

Road building and maintainance. According to available report he has done well here. Repairing as many bad roads as possible, building roads where they have been neglected for so long before, thereby connecting the hinterlands to main roads.

Another area has also been in security where he is acknowledged to have scored a high mark. In terms of spending on security he is probably the next to Governor Ambode. OBIANO is known to have expended a collosal amount. Though in recent times some skirmishes have occurred here and there, that doesn’t take away from what he has done and how he has thought to help reduce crime to the bearest minimum. People still commend him for a good job well done.

As much as some people who are well wrapped in their humongous cocoons and are not on ground might feel he hasn’t tried at all or hasn’t done anything, what’s on ground and what the generality of the people are saying is something different.

So no matter how you view it or see it, Willie Obiano is the main man to beat. 


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