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Star Spangled Gorgeousness by Stephanie Linus from Enthyst Fashion Klinik.

Nollywood Super Star Stephanie Linus is known to always have her style game on at all times.

She’s one star that does her best to always have her best foot forward on the style stake, making sure to always follow her time honoured rules, never ever experiment.

Here at the Glitz Style Awards 2017 in Accra, Ghana over the weekend, she did her very best to stay safe, while still looking gorgeous.

Black is known to be very forgiving, as it is known to help cover and hide a multiple of sins, but still yet, black can be very stunning when well sown and well styled.

At the event, Mrs. Linus wore the gorgeous garb from Enthyst Fashion Klinik owned by the super stylish Ndidi Obioha also of Enthyst Events. The somewhat 3 piece ensemble, is actually just 2 piece, that’s actually a corset dress with peplum that has a bit of white at the bust. It’s a bustier style at the top, that has a jacket with puffy hands which is the in style right now, also worn on it. To say the least she killed it!

The gorgeousness of it all is that her pixie haircut, makes her look younger, and doesn’t hide her beautiful neck, showing off a bit of her shoulder. She got it totally correct by not wearing any neck jewelry, which could have messed up the whole flow of things.

The cut of the dress creates the illusion of curves too, which is great.  Kudos to Stephanie on this one. #stephanielinus #enthystfashionklinik #glitzstyleawards2017 #vintage #maestromediablog #ndidiobioha #nollywoodstar


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