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Undoubtedly the only opponent out of the many or is it several that can unseat the incumbent in Anambra State, causing a major and unprecedented upset is Chief Osita Chidoka, former boss at FRSC & former Federal Minister of Aviation.

To be able to upset the apple cart, the one with the onerous task must be formidable and must have the wherewithal/resources to carry the fight to the other side, truth be told Osita Chidoka is a most formidable opponent and the only one amongst the several names that can give the incumbent Governor a run for his money.

Forget the fact that the party from which he wants to prosecute his case is “seemingly” unpopular, that false thought is totally untrue. Only yesterday Osita Chidoka,was nominated unopposed as the candidate of the UPP that is “United Progressive Party.

The UPP has as her founder and chairman a well known and avowed, quite formidable grassroots politician and mobiliser of men by name Chief Dr Chekwas Okorie, the Oje-Ozi Ndigbo (messenger of the Igbo) same one that was actually the founder and former chairman of APGA before he was schemed out and ousted by the former Governor of Anambra.

That fight then between Chief Okorie and Mr. Obi for the soul of APGA nearly led to the demise of the party and had loads of casualties in tow. Leading to him leaving to go and form UPP & Peter Obi even left for PDP. So Chief Chekwas Okorie has a bone to grind with APGA and by extension PDP.

The strong back up or support above already counts very much in favour of Osita Chidoka. But let’s now even add to the above facts, Osita Chidoka himself has not sat down to just luxuriate thinking all is done and dusted, in order to acquaint himself with the electorate in his state, he has made sure to visit every part of Ndi Anambra. By that we actually mean every hamlet, village, parts even the hinterlands. That alone again counts for so much.

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Still going further, the very formidable Osita Chidoka, is the only one currently amongst all of those that wants to take over from Obiano, who already has a well articulated points of action (agenda) on how to take Anambra to the next level. His 5-pronged masterplan on how to take Anambra to the next level is a masterpiece and a delight to read. And that’s a very serious point, if we may say.

Also again, one very big factor counts for him a whole lot, amongst all the candidates or opponents, he is a relatively young man in his prime at early 40s, who has obviously achieved a lot for such a young man. He boasts an intimidating profile.

Still not done yet, though many might not necessarily count this next point as a very important one, but in the state, it is one of those things that can easily sway votes one way or the other, and that really matters a whole lot, as things can be decided along that line. That factor is that, Osita Chidoka is an avowed, well acknowledged, well loved and very prominent “Anglican”, a Bible scholar from all indications. It is something we even heard that he doesn’t joke nor toy with. He is known to recite portions of the bible with such dexterity that it is so astounding and that to the admiration of all.

Let us now talk a bit about his intimidating profile in public service. It is a known fact that he was a very successful head (Corps Marshall) of the FRSC that is the Federal Road Safety Commission, where he was said to have shown exemplary leadership skills. From being the head honcho at the FRSC he graduated to being appointed a senior Minister of the Federal Republic, where he was the Minister for Aviation of Nigeria, a prominent position at a prominent ministry. All of these he achieved while still in his 40s. In fact before all of these major positions, his trajectory in life have been awesome to say the least, he was at a time the personal assistant to the then Minister of State, for Works and Housing, then again personal assistant to the Federal Minister of Transport, thereafter he became the special adviser to the Senior Special Adviser to the President in Legal Matters. Then a brief stint at Mobil Producing Nigeria, where he was the Senior Advisor, Government and Business Matters, it was from here he was appointed as the Corps Marshall and Chief Executive of the FRSC, for 2 terms. Imagine that during his NYSC year he was awarded the prize as the most distinguished corper in the FCT that year. There’s still so much the young man had done in the past, so many awards of excellence that has prepared him for what he hopes to achieve now.

This is the man that wants to take over from Chief Willie Obiano, as the state Chief Executive of Ndi Anambra come November 18, 2017 gubernatorial election. Can he upset the apple cart? Some are strongly of the opinion that he can and that he would.

OSITA CHIDOKA is from Obosi town a densely populated town at that, one of the 10 towns in the Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State of Nigeria. The town is known as the bbedrock of Christian evangelism in Igboland. A few of the other prominent people from Obosi town are Sir Emeka Anyaoku, former Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Bishop Peace Okonkwo, wife of the founder and presiding Bishop of TREM, Senator Mike Ajaegbo, owner of Minaj Broadcasting just to mention a few. 


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