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Young designer “Sandrah Tubobereni”, the creative director of her eponymous label TUBO has shown to the world that her future in the business of fashion is very bright.

Just very recently in one of the most famous fashion capitals of the world- London, which is known for discovering new fashion talents always, she declared with much aplomb her future intention to rule the world and stand shoulder to shoulder with those that makes things happen.

Her showcase was at the “Africa Fashion Week London 2017”, the 7th in the series of the biggest African themed fashion showcase in Europe. AFWL is an annual showcase that has gotten great reviews and even commendation from the Mayor of London over the years.

TUBO’s showcase was from her “2017/18 Bridal Collection”, a sexy collection if one may say. One of the piece in the collection was that which was recently worn with grace by fashionista Toke Makinwa to the Glitz Style Awards in Accra Ghana. The 10 piece collection was in white and nude and showed class and maturity.

The tailoring was top notch and the styling was totally on point.

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