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Senator Ben Murray Bruce

This might not be the best of times for the very vocal Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district in the oil rich state as constituents made up of students from the 3 local areas under his jurisdiction have threatened to recall him from non-performance since he was elected into the senate.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has been accused by his own constituencies made up of students from Nembe, Ogbia and Brass Local Government Areas, the 3 LGAs under his senatorial district of neglect, non-performance and having no plans for their areas.

In a statement released and signed by the student leaders from the 3 local government areas, namely Ambrose Joseph from Brass, Samuel Tari from Nembe and Mark John from Ogbia, they made their grievances known to the world.

In their claims, they alleged that the very outspoken Senator since he was elected to represent them at the National Assembly has never for once visited his district. They claim that the man they voted to be their voice at the NA was not in a good relationship with his own people and that he has abdicated his constitutional responsibilities.

They buttressed their claims by saying that while the Senator donated relief materials to other parts of the state, he has neglected his first responsibility his own district, whose constitutuents are wallowing in poverty as the students are unable to pay their fees.

“Since Bruce became a Senator he has failed to look into the basic needs and challenges currently bedeviling the East Senatorial district, such as Education as most our students cannot access good quality education”.

“He has failed to attract a single project to the district in terms of infrastructures, roads and others. He has continuously and delibrately ignored efforts by the people to create a working relationship that would bring out purposeful leadership for our people”.

“He is yet to fulfill any of his campaign promises; painfully, he is an Abuja based Senator. He refuses to visit his constituency, except only once when he visited his hometown and couldn’t even stay up to 4 hours”.

“Sincerely, we are tired, other places are enjoying the benefits that come from having a national representative. Our case has been a curse rather than a blessing. We are just a district without a Senator. That is why we are intended to change that narrative”.

The students consequently gave the Senator a 10 day ultimatum to either amend his ways or face a protest and recall process.

They subsequently advised the Senator to organise a town hall meeting with his constituents and take out time to tour his constituency.

Are these students making common sense at all?


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