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Maybe she’s trying to showcase that she’s far more than just about baring her pierced boobies on reality TV BBN 2017. The quite stunning Tokunbo Idowu aka TBoss channeled her inner “Cleopatra” in a series of stunning pictures she only very recently just released.

For those who might not remember very well, Queen Cleopatra is the last active ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt of yore.

The famous “maneater” was a very brilliant queen who came on the throne at age the of 17. She was as beautiful and has brilliant as they come. One of the things she was very well known for was how to make quite an entrance when she had visitors to entertain, one of the ways she got the unfailing attention of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony amongst several others.

She had as her partner 2 of ancient Rome biggest men in Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

She was very very well versed in mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and oratory. But also a very ruthless beauty, who wiped out her own family members.  Though she was the Queen of Egypt, her ancestry was actually Greek.

So maybe TBoss is channeling Cleopatra’s best parts of beauty with intelligence alone and not any of the other attributes. Truth be told though, she’s beautiful!!!! #tokunboidowu #tboss #bbn2017 #cleopatra

Check her out!!!!


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  • This chick is just something, upon all her mouth, it's in the creeks that you find her like regular runs babes & chasing broke guys. She's not sharp at all.