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Baring any unforeseen circumstances, serial entrepreneur and fashionista “Liz Gavy is getting set to declare open sometime soon, something very very dear to her heart.

As we speak, all her attention and focus are on this new venture, located somewhere in Lekki Phase 1 on the island.

This venture is not a small affair at all by any standards, as several millions tending towards ₦50 million has already gone into it. The business has to do with “food” and to make it happen, the curvaceous mother of one has gone all out to make it a stand out one by all standards.

We hear that people would be very impressed by the whole set up, when they see it. Knowing Liz for being who she is, all the details, Interior etc would be top notch.

This new concern is in a one storey “edifice” that has set the lady back by tens of millions. It would be a food mart of the best standard, a food market, a first class restaurant and even a cold room with all the works. To make sure all things are in place and top notch, she went abroad to bring in all the superb equipments, which has also set her back by another several tens of millions again.

The way things are going, the new place and business should be opened sometime soon and knowing Lizzy also known as Leila very well, that opening whenever but would happen, is sure going to be with a lot of fanfare and razzmattazz and very grand by all standards.

Liz has been into shoe retailing for several years now, with 2 well known branches of the “Shoe Lounge” on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi and Murphis Plaza, Victoria Island, Lagos, though she later shutdown the V. Island store. At the height of the stores glory, it was the Mecca where all shoe lovers, aficionados and fashionistas used to converge when they needed to update their shoe wardrobes and we heard they used to have endless “shoegasms” by what was always on offering. So she surely must have made crazy money from that venture then.

Knowing that food business is a sure venture, we are sure that if this becomes an immediate hit, then Liz is already more assured of her place in the business stratosphere.

Kudos to her for her never say die attitude. 


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