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Bolanle Ninolowo, Lolo Chika Acholonu, Adunni Ade

Mercedes Richards, Nino, Lolo, Adunni & Tayo Afolabi

The 14 new fragrances

Very recently at the MMA 2, for those who might not know what that stands for, it is the “Muritala Mohammed Airport 2”, otherwise known as the local airport, at the arrival section to be more precise, one of Nigeria’s top luxury lifestyle brand, “Oud Majestic”, owned by the very gorgeous and elegant Lolo Chika Acholonu, the very beautiful and calm wife of the Igwe of Orlu declared opened their newest branch, the 3rd in the series for that matter.

The Triple-pronged event also saw the ‘UNVEILING’ of the brand’s awesome ambassadors, in the persons of the supremely delectable model and actress, “Adunni Ade” and the hunk known to most Nigerians as “Bolanle Ninolowo”, a very gifted Nollywood thespian and heartthrob.

Both delightsome ambassadors fit very much their roles in all ramifications. Adunni, a sumptuous, very well behaved, and very stylish personality and Nino, that’s Bolanle Ninolowo, a hunk in every sense of the word.

Thirdly, it was also the occasion for the launch of Oud Majestic’s own “14 new fragrance” in their “Art Collection” series, just to add to the many fragrance already available in their stores. All of the 14 are the brand’s own delectable and sumptuous interpretations of Oud.

From the light to the heavy scents and more in between; delightsome to say the least.  

Oud Majestic is known for stocking only the very best and at very affordable prices also, in the range that all can always get something to fit their moods and palates, especially their pockets.

These 3rd store is following the brand’s idea to be as near their customers as much as possible, in a beautiful ambience, providing the same excellent services and products they are very well known for and that the very discerning customers want.

At the occasion, the media (online and traditional) were introduced to the brand,…. their ambassadors and the new additions in fragrances.

At the event to witness the unveiling were the likes of Mimi Onalaja of #vvip #ebonylifetv #funkeosaebrown of #theluxuryreporter, #azukaogujuiba of #mediahub and very many others.

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More pictures after the break.

Mimi Onalaja 

Lolo Chika Acholonu, Adunni Ade and Tayo Afolabi

Ndidi Obioha & Mimi Onalaja


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