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Adaeze Yobo, Anna Banner & Caroline Danjuma

Are they angels or are they angels, that’s talking about the trio of former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2008, Adaeze Yobo. The gorgeous wife of the former Captain of the National football team Joseph JY Yobo, who is still a badass stunner even after 3 kids. Then there’s the gorgeous Anna Banner, another ex-beauty queen, in fact Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013, who is also the baby mama of the supremely gifted Flavour Nabania.

And then the last but not the least is the bodacious ex-wife of Mr. Musa Danjuma, in the person of the delectably gorgeous and supremely shapely Caroline Ekanem-Danjuma.

The trio lighted up the red carpet at the 30th anniversary edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant like a million stars. They are those that we can aptly describe as the original “star spangled banner”. While Ada dazzled awesomely as the lady in red, in her gorgeously cut outfit by Bunmi, with the sexy cut showing off her left pin, Anna was the one in all black everything which highlighted her complexion supremely and then bombshell Caroline in the gorgeous royal blue, peplum shaped outfit and accentuated with her pink clutch with much aplomb!

We love them die!!!!


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