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She was the centre of attraction all of the past months, due to her failed marriage to the Yoruba race’s most revered in the person of Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, the Ojaja II.

After much denial from the palace, the intrigues were finally laid to rest when the lady herself came out to say she was no longer the Ooni’s heartbeat and had already moved on, to better things.

Now only just a few weeks after all of those undue scrutiny and bashing, the gorgeous lady now simply referred to as Zaynab seems to have gotten her groove back awesomely and going about her own business, not minding whose ox is gored.

A few hours ago, the vocal lady who recently lead a few other women to raise awareness against the ills of domestic violence etc, landed in New York USA to participate at the 72nd session of the UNGA “United Nations General Assembly” 2017.

The young and highly focused lady has not allowed the misfortune of her short-lived marriage derail her focus, as she continues on her humanitarian path.

Zaynab is a well recognised and respected “protector” of the UNFPA, a world recognised body which aims to fight for the rights of women, men and children health all over the world. Only last week the former celebrated Olori gave her voice to the “Deliver for Good” event.

While it is obvious that her ex-husband Oba Ogunwusi has since moved on to the next, we are happy also that Zaynab seems to have gotten back her groove back and is gradually moving on gamely too.

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  • Bad PR on her part as her 15 minutes is ovet and she is no longer a factor or of any importance to anyone. She need to keep her money for her superficial fake lifestyle as no one is interested in what she has to say.

  • The palace should put out a public disclaimer, she needs to stop associating herself with the palace. This is another 419 move from her.

  • Mama Born Girl and all, make we talk true why is there so much vehemence against this woman ooooo? No be him marry Ooni oooo, na Ooni carry him leg go meet am oooooo.

    Even if Na say dem package am for Ooni, king no get eye? And him no fit reject?

    No matter how bad she be, if the palace and their gods no see something useful in her dem for no do this marriage at all oooo?

    Now wey be say, dem done discard am like bad habit,make dem leave her to pick up the pieces of her life and go her way. Truth be told, both she and Ooni used themselves. Things no come work out again, then bye-bye.

  • Jenni who? Dat one no better pass the whorelori ooooo. Na same same. Only say money dey well well for that one to largesse.

    She too eons ago was like a free giver naaaaa. Thank God say she come sempe, when it was going out of order.

    The beauty of her own excesses be say she bn brilliant and don take him papa biz a notch

  • She no offend me, the marriage don end, make she stop to use ooni name for anything. Na the thing we I talk be that and na the truth.
    I pray say next olori go get more sense, hammer for palace say make she no dey use him own title waka up and down.